Sometimes you just don’t know. You need to wait. Wait until the next step is clear.

There was a man in the little spiritual community where I am a member who had a terrible, life changing accident. For a time it was unclear what would happen. Unclear how to proceed. I wrote this little piece in those days. Before I could finish, the decisions had all been made and the questions answered. I’m sorry for that.

Those closest to him loved him so well and he profoundly improved their lives. His time of waiting has ended. Ours will continue on.

The video was taken at the Marine Institute, Dana Point, CA with an iPhone X Plus and moment anamorphic lens.

The piano was recorded on an iPad mini 4 in Korg Gadget 2

The flute I was recorded on an iPad mini 4 into GarageBand using a Sylphyo wind controller.

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