The path to shalom is agape. 

  1. We are a finite, flawed and fragile people and the stress that arises from our condition drives our lives. 
  2. Our lives are further complicated with neglect, abuse and trauma which make loving others more difficult and extend the pain of living. 
  3. The path to peace, wholeness, and healing is loving others. (The good life is found in satisfying relationships)
  4. Loving others requires skill and developed proficiency.  
  5. Becoming increasingly able, willing, skilled and proficient in loving others makes peace in the world. 
  6. The process of becoming more skilled and proficient at loving others will lead to our own healing, growth, repair and grant us greater peace, contentment, deeper connections with others and greater life satisfaction. 
  7. Encountering someone who is proficient and skilled at loving others offers repair, healing and meets our deepest needs and hopes.